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27.09. - 02.10.2020 - Fair
Light+Building 2020 in Frankfurt am Main

  • Light+Building
  • Our booth at the Light+Building

Due to the increased spread of the corona virus in Europe, Messe Frankfurt decided to postpone Light + Building after intensive consultations. The world's leading trade fair for lighting and building services technology will take place in Frankfurt am Main from 27 September to 2 October 2020. Existing visitor tickets for March 2020 will also be valid in September 2020.

Over 2.700 exhibitors will present their innovations at the Light+Building 2020 in Frankfurt am Main. More than 50 % of the 220.000 visitors come from abroad. The fair is an attraction for many stakeholders like trade, industry, planners, engineers, architects and designers.

We will present our innovations about:

Data Center: The newest systems and technologies for cabling, infrastructure and space usage by our own constructed data center by our partners, Vertiv, Siewo and Leitwerk.

LAN Cabling: Continuous cabling solutions and innovations by EasyLan.

Fiber to the X: Cabling solutions by the housing specialist Sichert and the OEM-Manufacturers ZVK (cabling, plastics technology, metall processing).

Visit the EasyLan booth at the Light+Building for address your questions, we are looking for answer them.

It’s a pleasure to meet you from 8. – 13.03.2020 at our booth. (hall 11.0 - booth B75)

We provide free tickets for our customers at the Light+Building. Please send us an E-Mail with the number of the tickets that you need to

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13. - 14.11.2019 - Fair
Data Centre World - Presentation by Mr. Yvan Engels

The Data Center World Frankfurt is more than just a fair: it is a conference, exhibition, networking hub, seminar series, media hotspot and platform for launching new products. At the Data Center World Frankfurt will be present the benefits of data center developments to an interested audience. This year's event will feature a selection of first-class data center providers and the ability to connect.

Mr. Yvan Engels (Senior Consultant "Information Technology Cabling") presents about the revised and recently published European Standard EN 50173-5 for Application-neutral Communication Cabling in Data Center Areas. The IEEE 802.3 of fiber optic technology and the impact of the CPR in relation to the fire protection cables are current priorities in the design of data center systems. New space- and time-saving installation techniques completes the presentation.

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20. - 21.09.2019 - Fair
AZA Hamburg, Schuppen 52

The trade fair AZA'19 presents itself under the motto "Gateway to the world of technology". With over 170 exhibitors, the AZA'19 will once again be a meeting place for the industry. The exhibition hall – writing a century of harbor and maritime history – creates an incomparable atmosphere. More than 3,000 visitors use the fair to hold exciting discussions.

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02. - 03.07.2019 - Fair
LANline Tech Forum in Leinfelden-Echterdingen 2019

The LANline Tech Forum at Filderhalle in Leinfelden-Echterdingen is one of the most important events in the networking industry. The technical trends of the industry are presented in many presentations. The most important actors in field of data network cabling will be at the accompanying fair.

The High Density System H.D.S. from EasyLan offers a range of innovative solutions for office buildings and data centers, such as a fiber optic distribution with only one central splice location.

We are looking forward to meet you. Your individual VIP Code is: 0719TFSZVK

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04. - 06.06.2019 - Fair
ANGA COM in Cologne

ANGA COM is Europe`s leading business platform for broadband operators and content providers. The next show date is 4 to 6 June 2019 in Cologne (Germany).

Exhibition and conference programme address network operators, vendors, content providers, service providers, consultants, authorities and other organizations of the telecommunications and media industry.

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Following you can receive voucher codes for the fair. Please specify the number of codes that you want (each visitor needs their own code).

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18.03.2018 - News
Kat. 8.1 solution for computer centre networks

Future-oriented and backwards-compatible
EasyLan with a new Cat.8.1 solution for computer centre networks

Teisnach, 13 March 2018. EasyLan is introducing its new RJ45-based Cat.8.1/Class I cabling system. It is optimised for use in computer centres and meets standards for 40GBase-T and 25GBase-T. Its RJ45 plug connector makes the system backwards-compatible with Class EA (up to 500MHz) copper transmission networks and below. Thanks to preLink module technology and an intelligent choice of cable types, operators of computer centres can already start preparing for future cable requirements thus avoiding expensive reassembly later on.

This is EasyLan's response to the breakage in the connector face used, which initially came about as a result of Cat.7 and the concomitant need to use different plug connectors to the standard RJ45. Due to the lack of acceptance among manufacturers of active transmission technology and users, these systems have as yet not been able to gain a broad user base despite their many transmission-related benefits. The EasyLan Cat.8.1 system is built on tried-and-trusted preLink Keystone connection technology – in a new version which has been optimised for frequency ranges up to 2 GHz. AWG22/1 installation cables and flexible Category 8.1. AWG26/7 patch cables with optimised RJ45 connectors are used on the cable side. This system approach combined with the conscious decision not to use connectors ready for field assembly with integrated compensation PCBs on the patch cables means that the computer centre user can realise high-performance, future-proof transmission channels with transparent added costs. The maximum required link length of 26 metres is adhered too, even when using an additional Cat.8.1 preLink extender in the transmission channel.

In many cases, preLink modules also make subsequent reassembly of cables unnecessary: If the computer centre already has cables with a maximum transmission bandwidth greater than 1300 MHz and the link lengths do not exceed 26 m in length as per the current standard (usually the case in computer centres), these networks can already be upgraded by quickly and easily replacing PreLink modules to allow for 25GBit/s transmission. In new installations, if Category 8.2 cables are installed in combination with Category 6A preLink keystones, these networks can easily be retrofitted to 40GBit/s transmission without requiring cable reassembly. This preLink system approach ensures high security of investment and future sustainability for users.

“Whether automation, IoT or digitalisation: There is no doubt that increasing data volumes are stoking up the demand for computer centres. Cabling requirements are also increasing as a result. Higher transmission speeds are just as much a basic requirement as is compatibility with existing network cable systems. This explains why Cat.8.1 is bound to gain acceptance in copper cabling systems in computer centres. Our preLink cabling solution is not only future-proof but, with channel lengths of up to 30 metres, it canalso be used to retrofit existing cabling systems with Category 7A cables and a frequency range of 1300 MHz or higher”, says Andreas Klees, CEO at Zellner GmbH.

Users and interested parties were able to test this cabling solution for the first time at this year’s Light & Building trade fair in Frankfurt.

About EasyLan:

EasyLan is a ZELLNER Group brand for preassembled copper and fibre optic cables, complete cabling sets for transmission technology networks, passive network connection components and special custom solutions. Each EasyLan product must undergo laboratory testing before series-ready production which takes place entirely in Europe, and is subject to mechanical, electrical, climactic and environmental tests. The in-house research and development department can also develop solutions tailored to individual customers.

Additional information:

Andreas Klees, Technologiecampus 2, 94244 Teisnach
Tel.: (09923) 804379 0, Fax: (09923) 804379 555
Email:, Internet:

Press contact:

Konzept PR GmbH, Agentur für Public Relations
Simon Federle, Leonhardsberg 3, 86150 Augsburg
Tel.: (08 21) 343 00-19, Fax: (08 21) 343 00-77
Email:, Internet:

04.08.2017 - Press release
EasyLan® products - fit for future

The applications for Power-Over-Ethernet - PoE for short - are gaining in popularity. Whether in the area of IP surveillance cameras, video telephones, indoor radio supplies or devices for building automation, such as intelligent controls, sensors and actuators. In the future, even higher performance will certainly be needed, for example for modern room lighting, video conferencing systems and much more.

However, not only the end devices must be fit for the new technology, the connection components must also be designed for the higher performance. For this reason, the EasyLan® connection components have already been designed to be PoE-capable. For example, we selected a high-quality gold plating for the contacts, and the contact and separation areas on the contacts were placed in different positions. This means that there is no interruption in the contact area, even in the case of a point-burning at the separation area.

Recently, the EasyLan® fixLink SL keystone module has been successfully tested in the independent, accredited GHMT AG test laboratory and succeeded in meeting the latest PoE standards. The DIN 60512-99-002 for Type III and Type IV tests were performed, which corresponds to the so-called 4PPoE (4 Pair Power-Over-Ethernet). This is a current of up to 1.0 Amp per conductor and up to 100 Watts of power, with Type III of 60 W and Type IV of 100 W. This method is also shown in the IEEE 802.3bt. Likewise, the EasyLan® fixLink SL keystone module maintains the standards for PoE + (up to 25.5W) as well as PoE (up to 12.95W).

13. - 18.03.2016 Trade fair
Light + Building 2016 in Frankfurt

  • The new EasyLan fixLink SL for solid, long-term connections: nickel-plated and featuring dust-protection cap. Source: ZVK
  • The new EasyLan fixLink SL for solid, long-term connections: nickel-plated and featuring dust-protection cap. Source: ZVK
  • Visitors to the EasyLan partner stand in Hall 11.0 Stand B75 can look forward to a live experience of all three versions of the new EasyLan angled panel with 30° angled ports. Source: ZVK
  • Visitors to the EasyLan partner stand in Hall 11.0 Stand B75 can look forward to a live experience of all three versions of the new EasyLan angled panel with 30° angled ports. Source: ZVK
  • Visitors to the EasyLan partner stand in Hall 11.0 Stand B75 can look forward to a live experience of all three versions of the new EasyLan angled panel with 30° angled ports. Source: ZVK

New components build out the EasyLan fixLink System

At Light + Building 2016 this March 13-18 you will find our EasyLan partner stand in Hall 11.0 Stand B75. The following new products will be presented at the stand: new fixLink Keystones and new accessories for the fixLink product range, 1U angled panels in which the individual ports are inclined by 30°, and an online configurator for pre-assembled cables, complete with shopping cart.

The fixLink system will be front and centre this time. New products include nickel-plated fixLink SL Keystones with dust-protection cap in Category 6A ISO/IEC 11809, as well as fixLink UTP modules that meet Category 6A ISO/IEC for the unshielded market. There are also matching module holders and data connection sockets in several variations for installing fixLink modules in several variations for installing fixLink modules.

EasyLan angled panel
In addition, EasyLan angled panels are now available in three versions: with 24 evenly spaced ports, all of which are angled to the left or right, or in a variant in which 12 ports face to the left and 12 face to the right. For all 3 variants, users can dispense with additional cable routing panels. The connected patch cables automatically run to the cabinet side. The user needs only affix them on the side next to the patch level. Also, during operation the angled panels with the flat front side and angled patch cables require less space towards the front than traditional patch panels with vertically installed ports. The panels are designed for the compact fixLink and preLink modules.

Online Configurator
The online configurator at will feature a shopping cart for Light + Building in March. Customers who use the configurator after logging in will receive their specially agreed price. The online configurator enables pre-assembled FO cables to be put together and ordered.

Visit the EasyLan partner stand at Light + Building 2016: Hall 11.0 Stand B75.

11.12.2015 - Press release
Wall-mounted splice box
for 288 strands complements H.D.S. System

  • The basic housing of the EasyLan H.D.S. wall-mounted splice box
  • EasyLan H.D.S. wall-mounted splice box
  • The cables are inserted from below in the EasyLan H.D.S. wall-mounted splice box. A lockable version is also available upon request.

The new EasyLan H.D.S: wall-mounted housing by ZVK contains 24 splice cassettes with excess length management. Comparable solutions are generally designed for a maximum of 16 splice cassettes. The H.D.S. wall-mounted splice box allocates the strands of the fiber optic backbone cable to pre-assembled 12-strand fiber optic cables. Their cable terminations (H.D.S. modules) are made up of 12 LC ports each which are deployed as a patch panel. Up to 8 H.D.S. modules can be mounted on a 1HU 19-inch front panel.

The EasyLan H.D.S. wall-mounted splice box is an ideal solution as a building splice distributor for company networks as well as for FTTx broadband networks. The pre-assembled flexible cables lead from there directly to the distribution panels. That might be the main distributor of a network provider in a large office building or the patch panels of floor distributors or IT cabinets in a server room.

Splicing engineers have a clear overview when working on the open splice box suspended in front of them. They can directly access the flippable splice boxes and the intake for excess lengths. The outlets for the cables are integrated into the bottm of the box. the backbone cable and the non-pre-assembled side of the H.D.S. trunks are therefore inserted into the box from below. 12 strands of a backbone cable are always spliced into the H.D.S. cable and the associated splices and strands are deposited in a box. This well-defined allocation ensures a clear overview of the cabling. After carrying ut the splicing, users click the lid shut into the housing and lock it. Upon request the wall-mounted splice box is also available with a lockable cylinder to prevent unauthorised access. The housing has a surface area of 495 x 435 mm and a depth of 133 mm.

To begin with, the installation engineer screws the pre-assebled side of the H.D.S. cable into the path panel and guides the non-assembled cable ends to the wall-mounted splice box.

The H.D.S. patch panels have appropriate outlets for the 12-port H.D.S. modules. They accomodate up to 8 H.D.S. modules in one height unit (HU). There are also H.D.S. side module holders for up to 4 modules.

With up to 288 splices in a very restricted space, the EasyLan H.D.S. wall-mounted splice box is still installation and maintenance friendly. All components are accessible as soon as the lid is removed. The housing complies with protection class IP20 and ist immediately available from various sales partners as are the other EasyLan H.D.S. components.


Figure 1a+b:The basic housing of the EasyLan H.D.S. wall-mounted splice box Source: ZVK
Figure 2:    The cables are inserted from below in the EasyLan H.D.S. wall-mounted splice box. A lockable version is also available upon request. Source: ZVK


23.10.2015 - Press release
Space saving Patch Panel
with 30° angled Ports

The new 1U EasyLan angle patch panel has 24 angle mounted keystones. And these 30° angle mounted keystones save space in front of the panel:

The patch cables need less space because of the angle. They are automatically directed to the left and right-hand sides of the cabinet. You only need to fasten the cables on the sides of the cabinet. There is no need for any additional cable management panel.

The EasyLan 1U angle panel is designed for 24 EasyLan fixLink or preLink keystones. The panel has a depth of 155 mm including cable stays. The panel is available effective immediately and, like other EasyLan patch components, can be obtained from numerous well-known suppliers.

13.10.2015 - Press release
EasyLan UniBoot: Slim LC Duplex Patch Cables

  • The ultra-slim EasyLan® UniBoot LC duplex patch cable

ZVK’s EasyLan product range has been extended with new fiber-optic duplex patch cables. The ultra-slim, flexible UniBoot LC duplex patch cables require virtually no space at the patch level, are simple to run and connect in the usual manner thanks to duplex connectors. They are available with the common OM3 and OM4 multimode fibers as well as OS2 singlemode fibers. The singlemode version is available with LC and LC-APC connectors. By default, the pin assignment is crossed. However, users can change the assignment in a few simple steps.

The cable consists of bundled loose-tube cables with two fibers under a common sheath, making them particularly thin and flexible. The fiber ends are terminated with LC connectors. The cable ends are mounted securely and strain-relieved on a stable mounting plate. A plastic housing is pushed into place above the mounting plate with the connectors, tightly holding the plate and connectors in place upon reaching its end position. The user only needs to apply slight pressure to detach cable and mounting plate from the housing. To perform connector pin reassignment, the user can carefully lift the two connectors out of their lock-in position on the plate, push them into the respective other holder and then push the housing back on again until its end position over the plate and connectors.

EasyLan UniBoot patch cables are available effective immediately and, like other EasyLan patch components, can be obtained from numerous well-known suppliers. The multimode patch cables are delivered with black connector and fiber-typical cable jacket, and come in aqua for OM3 and violet for OM4 fibers. UniBoot singlemode patch cables have a blue or green (LC-APC) connector and OS2-complaint yellow jacket.

16.09.2015 - Press release
Field-assembly-enabled RJ45 connector for data
cables and connection cables

The preLink connector module offers user a field-assembly-capable RJ45 connector in Category 6A ISO/IEC 11801. Users merely need to crimp a preLink cable termination block onto the cable end and clip the preLink RJ45 connector module over it. The preLink connector supports Power over Ethernet (PoE) per IEEE 802.3af and PoE+ per 802.3at. As a result, assembling a plug onto pre-assembled cables with preLink termination blocks can now be done in seconds.

The module is suitable for installation cables as well as connection cables. For installation cables with 4 pairs in AWG 23-22, the preLink cable termination block is transparent yellow, and transparent white for flexible cable with 4 pairs in AWG 27-26. The IDC contacts formed during the crimping process ensure long-term stability and vibration-resistant contacts at speeds of up to 10 Gigabit Ethernet.
The new preLink connector module is available immediately from a wide number of commercial partners. In addition, pre-assembled cables with preLink termination, numerous RJ45 connector modules, various mating faces for industrial applications and extenders for lengthening data and connection cables are also available.

21.07.2015 - Press release
EasyLan fixLink Extender achieves test result of "good"

The compact EasyLan fixLink Extender enables an installer or service technician to extend data cables as well as connecting cables quickly and with no need to use special tools. Even a direct connection of data cable and connection cable is possible. This past spring, 47 readers of Gebäudetechnik + Handwerk (G+H) magazine tested the Extender during their day-to-day working routine as part of G+H reader tests. The group gave the Extender a grade of “GOOD”, with the average mark being 1.8.

As part of the test, the participants employed a questionnaire to assign grades to the EasyLan fixLink Extender on the basis of various criteria, and expressed their praise, criticism and suggestions for optimizing the product in a concluding summary. The tradesmen were primarily convinced of the Extender’s ability to be used for mounting in tight spaces such as ducts - the grade given here was an average of 1.8. The suggestions for optimization related to the installation instructions and the readability of the color codes on the wire managers. Both can be quickly improved with little effort.

Compared to other available connectors based on LSA+ technology, the EasyLan FixLink Extender is a proven “problem solver”. It can be connected very quickly even in confined spaces. Here, the Extender earned a grade of 1.5.

The fixLink Extender achieved an overall average grade of 1.8. Additionally, at the end of the reader tests nearly all the testing tradesmen (95%) stated that they plan on recommending the EasyLan fixLink Extender from ZVK.

12.06.2015 - News
DualBoot LED patch cables now available in 10 colors

  • DuaBoot LED patch cables are now also available in magenta and orange

EasyLan LED patch cables are on the market since 2010. Until then they are sold about 2.5 million times. They are available in different copper versions up to Category 6A ISO/IEC 11801 and as fiber optic patch cables for all standard fibers and connectors types. Now, the DualBoot LED copper patch cables are also available with magenta and orange gland.

Patch cords with LEDs increase operating reliability by lighting up both plugs. The patented method that permits cable ends to be easily matched to one another significantly increases operational safety. Unintentional disconnection of patch cables is virtually impossible.  After the LED detector makes contact with one end of the patch cable, both cable ends are electrically excited
and light up.



09. - 11.06.2015 - Press release
New cabling solution for CDBs and PoPs

  • In this distribution box, the incoming and outgoing backbone cables are centrally spliced in EasyLan H.D.S. splice boxes in the upper cabinet area. The connections then enter the distribution panel below as single-side pre-assembled cables with LC ports)
  • EasyLan FO LED patch cables enable quick and error-free recognition of matching connections, significantly speeding up maintenance efforts.

Significant efficiency boost with EasyLan FTTx 

Cable Distribution Boxes (CDB) and Points of Present (PoP) can now be wired with significantly more efficiency than in the past — users can splice all incoming and outgoing fiber connections in EasyLan's H.D.S. splice boxes. Additional wiring in the cabinet can be done using pre-assebled 12x cable end heads with LC termination. Thanks to the EasyLan patch cable with LED signaling, the user can also recognize connected ports at a glance. This arrangement cuts the time required for splices and cabinet installation by half and simplifies maintenance efforts. Manufacturer ZVK will present fully prewired CDBs together with the EasyLan H.D.S. system for FTTx, including splitters, at AngaCom 2015 in Cologne, hall 10.1 stand R41 .

This June 9 - 11 will seee ZVK present the new EasyLan H.D.S. splice boxes for FTTx at AngaCom. They can  accommodate up to 288 splices on 3U at an installation depth of 370 mm with angled outlet for the backbone cables. The compact version features an installation depth of 255 mm and has 12 splice cassettes, for a total of 144 splices. As a result, splice boxes are available for all common cable distribution cabinets. In addition to compact, flippable splice cassettes, the boxes also feature take-up for excess cable length.

The connections in the cabinet are 12-fiber H.D.S.-FO cables, pre-assembled at one end with H.D.S. termination modules. These each have 12 LD ports and can be screwed in the distribution panel at the factory via the module rack or the component rack. Slitters and active components can also be accomodated and connected there as well.

Should patching be necessary, the EasyLan system offers FO LED patch cables for all common fiber types. These patch cables are equipped with LEDs on both ends and are connected with each other via check wires in the cable. The LED beads are equipped with contacts for the LED detector. Thanks to this, users can light up corresponding cable ends at the press of a button, allowing error-free assignment at all times.

In addition, the EasyLan FTTx range offers splitters for signal splits of 1:4 to 1:64 fibers. Here, modern monochip technology is used. This results in output signals which are more stable than is seen with cascaded splitters. In addition, this means that LC terminations can accommodate up to 64 fibers to 1 U. The splitters are available in 19-inch design or as stand-alone components. Naturally, 2:64 splitters for 2 input signals are also available.

Network planers and installers receive all EasyLan FTTx components adapted to on-site conditions and requirements. Even fully pre-assembled CDBs or FO distributors for PoPs are available. These solutions are suitable for all common CDB cabinets from manufacturers such as Sicehrt, Knürr and Pentair Technical Solutions (formerly Schroff).

EasyLan's FTTx solutions will be presented at AngaCom 2015 in Cologne, Hall 10.1 Stand R41. The solutions will be available as of the event, and like other EasyLan patch components will be available from numerous well-known suppliers.

FiguresFigure 1: In this distribution box, the incoming and outgoing backbone cables are centrally spliced in EasyLan H.D.S. splice boxes in the upper cabinet area. The connections then enter the distribution panel below as 12-fiber single-side pre-assembled cables with 12-LC port modules.Figure 2: EasyLan FO LED patch cables enable quick and error-free recognition of matching connections, significantly speeding up maintenance efforts.

25.03.2015 – Press release
EasyLan FODH: The pre-assembled FO cable for every environment

ZVK has expanded its range of pre-assembled fiber optic installation cables. The EasyLan brand now offers three versions of Fiber Optic Distribution Heads (FODHs) for different environments and budgets. There are distribution heads for IP20 up to IP67 waterproof, available for industrial and outdoor uses. With solutions in all price ranges and for widely different environmental conditions, the modular EasyLan FODH system is one of the most comprehensive systems on the market for pre-assembled fiber optic trunk cables.

Pre-assembled fiber optic cables significantly simplify installation: nothing needs to be spliced. The user simply pulls in the cables, removes the protective tube located at both ends and connects the fiber optic connector. EasyLan distribution heads can be easily attached via their grooves, e.g. mounted with no danger of rotation in the housing breakout of an EasyLan fiber optic patch panel. The cables are manufactured under the auspices of comprehensive quality management and assembled under laboratory conditions, and their attenuation values are correspondingly low. On request, ZVK provides cables together with OTDR measurement reports. Optimized production and logistics processes also minimize delivery times.

Cable-pulling conditions are decisive for the selection of the distribution head. The cast aluminum, waterproof FODH/1 is designed for industrial and outdoor applications up to IP67, including step-resistant corrugated hose. This makes trunk cables possible with up to 144 fibers and with tensile forces up to 500N.

Cables with the new FODH/2 head are particularly easy to install. The user simply opens the red clip and removes the protective tube. This aluminum distributor head can hold up to 144 fibers. The cables are suitable for most applications in the data center and backbone area. The plastic distribution head FODH/E, which is also new, allows particularly slim cables with a diameter of 28.5 mm to be employed. This eco solution holds up to 24 fibers.

Pre-assembled fiber optic cables used in the EasyLan FODH system are available in various qualities with 2 to 144 fibers and with all standard fiber types and connectors. For all variants, the lengths have either 0.9 mm standard LSOH fan-outs (fan-out: protection tube for the fibers) or Kevlar-reinforced 1.8-mm fan-outs for safe strain relief. The EasyLan FODH product lineup thus offers an extremely wide range of products in the market for pre-assembled fiber optic cable - without compromising safe and stress-free fiber guiding.

26.01.2015 - Press release
The EasyLan fixLink Extender lengthens data and connections cables without the need for tools

The new EasyLan fixLink Extender enables an installer or service technician to lengthen data cables and connection cables quickly without special tools. Even a direct connection of data cable and connection cable is possible. Today, the fixLink Extender is the most affordable Category 6A cable connection on the market and is ideal for quick maintenance work on-site at the customer’s.

The compact EasyLan fixLink-Extender from ZVK enables an installer to e.g. reactivate dormant lines and extend them to the next required connection. This means that the tight space in the cable duct is optimally used. The installer simply screws the Extender onto the end of the installed line in the duct or on the wall. Following successful installation, the extended cable can be used up to the maximum link length, even for 10 Gigabit Ethernet transmission, and supports PoE+ (Power over Ethernet). If the user wishes to e.g. integrate a network camera or wifi access point into the network at a certain point at which no data socket is available, with the EasyLan fixLink Extender he can also connect the connecting cable directly to the installed cable.

The EasyLan fixLink Extender conforms to Category 6A ISO/IEC 11801 and is suitable for cable diameters of AWG 27 through AWG 22. It costs less than eight euros, which makes it the currently most affordable Cat. 6A cable connector on the market. The fixLink Extender is available effective immediately and, like other EasyLan patch components, can be obtained from numerous well-known suppliers. Detailed information can be found on